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Ground-Based Nutrition Announces The Release Of Its Certified Organic Plant-Based Preworkout

by Charles Weller April 17, 2017

Ground-Based Nutrition Announces The Release Of Its Certified Organic Plant-Based Preworkout

Ground-Based Nutrition announced the launch of its Sport Series plant-based performance enhancement system with the release of its certified organic 100% plant-based preworkout formula. 

SAN DIEGO — April 17, 2017 — Ground-Based Nutrition, an innovative leader in the natural plant-based nutrition industry, has announced the release of its new Sport Series with the introduction of its certified organic 100% plant-based preworkout formula.  The organic preworkout formula has 25 key plant-based ingredients designed to fuel performance, increase energy, and enhance focus & stamina. 

The delicious organic preworkout drink delivers clean fuel with organic caffeine from green coffee bean, organic green tea, and organic matcha tea, along with a nitric oxide blend from organic pomegranate juice, organic red beet juice, and organic red beet root.  It has an organic strength and endurance blend with ingredients from organic maca, organic Siberian ginseng, organic ashwagandha, organic rhodiola rosea, among others, and an alkalizing & digestive health blend from organic green grasses and organic ginger. With 25 key plant-based ingredients, it is the most comprehensive natural preworkout formulation ever developed.  A full ingredient listing can be found here:

“We constantly strive to remain on the forefront of product innovation in the plant-based nutrition industry, and our organic preworkout is the first preworkout product of its kind that is certified organic, 100% plant-based, and actually works,” Charles C. Weller, CEO and Founder of Ground-Based Nutrition. “There’s zero sugar, it’s all natural, and what’s really great is that it is healthy for your body as opposed to conventional preworkout products that have chemical compounds and other synthetic man-made ingredients.”

Ground-Based Nutrition’s new organic preworkout is now available at select retail stores across the country and at major online retailers.  For more information, please visit

About Ground-Based Nutrition

Ground-Based Nutrition produces premium plant-based nutritional food and supplement products such as its Superfood Protein which is a convenient all-in-one nutritional shake featuring an organic blend of plant-based proteins, greens, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.  GBN’s Sport Series is the first all-natural, organic, plant-based performance enhancement system specifically developed to help athletes perform at their best.  Ground-Based Nutrition uses no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, dyes, or preservatives.  “Always Organic, Always Ground-Based!”  

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Charles Weller
Charles Weller