3rd Party Testing

At Ground-Based Nutrition, we strive to provide the absolutely CLEANEST and BEST organic plant-based dietary supplement products on the planet.  In order to meet those objectives, all raw materials and finished products are thoroughly tested.

We understand that the highest priorities in purchasing a dietary supplement are quality, safety, and efficacy, and we take all of this very seriously.  

QUALITY – A quality product begins with quality ingredients.  Ground-Based Nutrition uses only the very best premium ingredients from suppliers and vendors that have a reputation and track-record for quality.  We never use cheap or inferior ingredients simply to save costs.

SAFETY – We use cGMP compliant manufacturing to ensure that all our products follow the strict FDA guidelines and specifications for quality, purity, and safety of all of the Ground-Based Nutrition products.

PURITY - All raw materials are tested for purity.  Validations are conducted throughout the manufacturing process.  At the end of each production, all lot batches are sent to a third-party lab for analysis.


Ground-Based Nutrition requires microbiological and heavy metal testing along with Certificates of Analysis from all our suppliers for every batch of ingredients. Testing is conducted throughout production and all of our products are also evaluated by third party labs. All results must meet the stringent standards set forth by the FDA.  

We test for microbiologicals (Yeast, Mold, Coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli and Salmonella) and heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury) on EVERY BATCH OF EVERY PRODUCT.

The labs we use are the best.  They are ISO 17025 Accredited, and they must be GMP compliant in order to properly test dietary supplements.

Quality testing is expensive, but Ground-Based Nutrition stands by its mission statement to provide the highest quality and very best plant-based supplements to consumers without compromise.  It costs more to run all these tests, but our customers’ peace of mind is worth it!