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Not All Fats are Created Equal

by Charles Weller July 19, 2018

Not All Fats are Created Equal

One of the more powerful keto secrets is that not all fats are created equal.

There are some fats will actually enhance your body’s thermogenesis, or your body’s ability to burn calories. Better yet, this type of fat will actually create ketones which will give both your brain and body a readily available energy source. Make sure to maximize your results and focus on eating these specific fats…

There’s a form of saturated fatty acids called medium chain triglycerides or MCTs. When inside your body, MCTs create ketones, which are powerful energy molecules that can help you burn calories while giving your body an incredible energy boost.

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KETO HACK: Consume MCTs to create ketones and enhance your body’s thermogenesis.

Here are some cool fats on MCTs:

  • No Fat Storage. Even though it’s technically a fat, your body will create ketones and burn this fat fuel source for energy.   Because of the fatty acid chain are shorter, they won’t be stored as fat in the body.
  • Highly Bioavailable. Since MCTs don’t rely on other enzymes for absorption, this is virtually an immediate energy source. MCTs are a fantastic way to create a steady stream of fuel all day.
  • Improve Gut Health. MCT’s have also been shown to improve your gut health and improve your mental alertness and memory.
  • Feel Satiated. You’ll also notice that you will feel satiated after meals much longer since MCTs curb cravings and help you feel full. This typically translates into additional weight loss as it prevents over-eating.  
  • Prevents Diabetes. MCTs have also been researched for their insulin regulating properties which can help prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.  
  • Increases Performance. There’s also research which shows that MCTs consumed during endurance activities results in improved overall performance.

When following a ketogenic diet, it’s easier to stay in ketosis when using MCT’s because the MCT fats quickly convert into ketone bodies without having to take the detour through the lymph system. Consumption of MCTs also provides instant energy for your brain and body. This is why it’s a good idea to implement MCT’s into your diet throughout the day. Some good sources include MCT oil, coconut oil and coconut products, such as coconut milk and cream.

Incorporate MCT’s into your diet today for instant energy and enhanced thermogenesis.

To maximize fat-burning on your keto diet, check out our Superfood Protein which features MCT’s from coconut oil:

Charles Weller
Charles Weller


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