by Charles Weller

You might have spent the spring getting that body beach ready – well now it is time for summer workout tips! Summer is here and there is nothing like an intense, grueling, and sweaty workout in the sunshine. Make sure you do it right though, staying safe and healthy so that you can keep those workouts going all summer long! When you are having as much fun as you do, pushing it to the limits in the that 80 plus degree weather, it is easy to forget how dangerous those summertime conditions can be. Not only is your heart pumping to get blood to your muscles, but in an effort to help keep you cool, your heart is working overtime to help your body release that internal heat. If proper precautions are not taken, the extra stress on your cardiovascular system in the hot summer environment can lead to dehydration and other dangerous heat-related illnesses. Check out these summer workout tips below for a quick reminder on how to beat the heat:

Dress Properly: The first of our summer workout tips sort of goes with out saying, however stripping off your clothes in public might not seem like the most natural reaction mid-workout. Instead, be prepared with quick-dry, moisture-wicking clothes, sunglasses, and hats/visors for working out in the sun. Don’t forget a small hand-towel to wipe that sweat from your brow – salty-sweat in your eyes can burn!

Try Water Workouts: What a great time to try new activities, especially those in the water! Watersports can be just as intense and you can cool your body down while you workout. Whether surfing, swimming, or a water-aerobics class at the gym, watersports do bring on a whole different set of safety-hazards of their own – so do be cautious of those as well!

Reduce Duration – Split Up Workouts: If you have a goal in mind that requires a certain amount of time to complete your workouts, than simply reducing the duration of workouts might not be a favorable option. Instead, you can try to split up your workouts throughout the day. Choose the coolest times of the day to do this, and allow your body enough time to recover and cool down between workouts.

Reduce Intensity – Incorporate Intervals: If you are one of those that are looking forward to those grueling summertime sessions and refuse to lower the intensity, then you might want to try incorporating more intervals. The intensity is high for a certain amount of time, but the downtime between the intervals will allow you to assess your condition, and sneak a rest or glass of water if need be.

Hydrate: Most people know the importance of hydrating and how uncomfortable it is to be thirsty, but most do not get enough water. Make sure to hydrate around the clock, before and after working out. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink up, you are not getting enough water in time. You might also want to include a healthy sports drink (as long as it is not a sugary, caffeinated beverage) to keep your sodium levels and electrolytes in check.

Head for the Shade: If you are going to be spending a few hours outside, even if you are not working out the whole time, identify some shady resting areas nearby – you never know when you might want to head for cover!

Check the Weather: Be prepared and plan your workouts ahead of time according to the weather. If you have a major intense session planned, try doing it in the cooler periods of the morning or after the sun goes down.

Protect that Skin: Choose one specially formulated for sportswear and do not forget to layer on that sunblock. A red, burnt face and body is not only unsightly and uncomfortable, but it is a sign of damage to your skin. Take the few minutes to put on the sunblock – your skin will thank you later!

Eat/Drink Post-Workout: Last but certainly not least of summer workout tips, make sure you recover after your workout with nutrients and fluids to replace what you lost. You might not be hungry right away because of the heat, so enjoy something like a light-refreshing smoothie. Ground-Based Nutrition’s Superfood Protein Smoothie is packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure that you’ll be ready for tomorrow’s workout!

Charles Weller
Charles Weller