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Switch to Plant-Based Diet - How Plant-Based Food Can Change Your Life

by Charles Weller September 19, 2017

Switch to Plant-Based Diet - How Plant-Based Food Can Change Your Life

Do you experience drowsiness after meals – or struggle to keep a focused mind at work? The problem might be related to your diet. Read on to find out how your meals affect mental coherence and alertness.

 Diet is one of the most talked-about topics today but how much do we really know about nutrition and how food affects our daily lives? Even as health experts and pundits seek to address the impact of diet on our health, many of us seem to make poor eating choices; which goes on to perpetuate the same cycle of lethargy, discomfort, and declining health. This article points out the advantages of plant-based food particularly in combating drowsiness.

Digestion causes more of our blood to shift to the stomach and gut in order to facilitate nutrient transfer. This re-channeling of blood to the stomach region leaves less blood for the rest of the body and as a result some people feel tired, sleepy, or light-headed. Some types of food cause more drowsiness than others.

For instance, food that is rich in protein (eggs, fish, meat, poultry, tofu, etc.) contains the amino acid tryptophan – a compound used by the body to produce serotonin, which is responsible for drowsiness. Moreover, carbohydrate-rich foods also encourage the release of serotonin, as can be
observed when you eat cakes, bread products, jams, potato products, whole grains, legumes, and yogurt, among others.

While feeling a little tired after a meal is perfectly normal, if you constantly experience after meals there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. The most common culprit in our generation is consuming processed foods.

Processed foods contain an unhealthy amount of refined sugar and carbohydrates, which cause a rise in blood sugar levels immediately after meals, followed by a drop that causes low energy. To prevent post-meal drowsiness and enhance brain function, nutritionists recommend adopting a plant-based diet consisting of a good amount of vegetables, fruits, grains, and healthy fats to provide a stable energy-base.

Strengthening your body begins by consuming the right type of food. A plant-based diet provides a foundation of strength and vitality, heightening alertness and the body’s ability to heal and fight disease. Read on to find out why Dr. Oz calls plant-based food the biggest movement of 2017.

5 reasons to take up a plant-based diet

1. Increased energy

increase your energy

Do you sometimes wonder where little kids get the energy to jump around all day? It’s all in the diet. The secret is to consume whole foods, which have more nutrients to keep you energized and
to enhance essential physiological processes. By eliminating or reducing meat products from your diet, you lighten the digestive process and improve nutrient absorption.

This means you have more energy during the day and you don’t feel fatigued after meals. A lot of people don’t know that plants are an excellent source of proteins. There are countless cases of
people who’ve managed to reverse severe health conditions including heart disease simply by eating plant-based foods. Things like managing weight and removing toxins are easier to accomplish when you’re not constantly eating over-processed fats and sugars.

2. Lower stress levels

how to lower your stress levels

Taking time out of your busy schedule to exercise and meditate is a great way to reduce stress. By why not take it a step further and consume green food to reduce the daily build-up of stress and toxins? Research has shown that consuming large amounts of animal products and processed fats raises cortisol levels in the body. This stress hormone brings about the fight-or-flight condition, causing tension in the nervous system. Furthermore, unhealthy eating can cause bad moods and put you at a higher risk of depression.

By adopting a healthier diet, you lower cortisol levels and allow the body and mind to calm down, effectively lowering stress levels. Plants are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and
antioxidants, which are essential in counting stress and anxiety.

3. Sharp focus

get sharp focus

Lack of focus can impair your ability to perform at work or school and limit your growth potential in the long run. Lack of focus and “brain fog” are good indicators of reduced blood flow to the brain. Plant foods encourage blood flow throughout the body including the brain, which combats the feeling of drowsiness and improves focus. By increasing blood flow, you also increase oxygen levels and delivery of vital nutrients to the brain, resulting in better performance at work and home.

Start by avoiding foods that contain a high amount of saturated fats – especially in the morning – and eat more fruits and greens. This will make it easier to unclog the arteries and improve
blood flow to the brain. Remember, cognitive function is highly refined in seniors who’ve managed to sustain a plant-based diet in place of refined foods.

4. Plant foods strengthen your immune system

Your immune system is inherently tied to your diet and peak performance is only achieved by eating foods that strengthen your ability to fight disease. Whole plant foods contain essential nutrients that encourage performance and eliminate toxins; a combination that strengthens
your immune system. To improve your body’s ability to ward off disease, protect your immune system from environmental assaults and implement healthy-living strategies such as the following:

· Eat more fruits

· Eat whole vegetables and whole grains

· Reduce saturated fats

· Hydrate

· Don’t smoke

Foods such as garlic, broccoli, spinach, almonds, and citrus fruits are great for boosting your immune system. Don’t wait till you get sick to start repairing your body. Start early by eating healthy food.

5. Whole foods increase your level of happiness and contentment

eat whole foods

Highly-active people tend to be happier and more fulfilled. You can look up studies online that show that eating fruits and vegetables improves health and reduces stress, therefore allowing you to live a happier life. Here’s how a plant-based diet affects your happiness:

· A healthy body means a healthy mind. By eating whole foods, you avoid many of the chronic health problems faced by millions of Americans. These include obesity, diabetes, and depression. Remember your physical well-being impacts your mental well-being.

· Adopting plant-based diet will connect you with like-minded people. Most people thrive when they connect with like-minded people and feel a sense of community. You will have many positive experiences when you meet people who share your values and encourage you to be the best that you can be.

· A healthy diet encourages kind living. Did you know that practicing simple acts of kindness makes people feel happier? A vegetarian diet is a good expression of kind living. When you adopt a plant food diet you promote positive impact on the environment; which contributes to an overall feeling of wellness and happiness.

· Science backs it up. One study on Nutrition Journal showed that a plant-based diet led to significant mood improvement in the participants, and the findings were attributed to a substance known as arachidonic acid (AA), with higher concentrations in omnivore diets and lower in vegan diets. The compound is tied to brain changes that impact mood.

So do you think diet can eliminate drowsiness and change your mood? All evidence suggests this. Try it for yourself and see the change it brings to your life.

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