Everything You Need And Tastes Great!

About Ground Based

Everything You Need For Your Active Lifestyle. For many, from those just looking to live a healthier lifestyle to amateur and professional athletes, it can be challenging to structure a diet that maximizes ones’ efforts. Some people think that creating an all- natural, organic, plant-based meal plan provides an extra challenge – namely because of the restrictions or limitations from removing meat and animal products.

However, Ground Based Nutrition’s Superfood Protein is packed with all the quality nutrients your body needs to perform, build lean muscle and boost energy without any of the added junk that is still found in many of today’s protein supplements. Plus it taste’s great and comes in variety of delicious flavors: Pure Vanilla and Rich Chocolate, and Natural Unflavored. It mixes easily and can be used to create a variety of refreshing, delicious and most-importantly - healthy, plant-based protein smoothies, snacks, desserts and more.