You’ve heard about the power of MCTs to improve your cognitive function, accelerate fat loss, and boost your energy.

But maybe you’re still a “doubting Thomas” or you’ve been using “regular” MCTs, not C8 MCT.

So we’d like to make it easy for you to try our C8 MCT Oil Powder with no risk.

Here’s the World’s Most Unusual MCT Guarantee…

We’re going to level with you: even we at Ground-Based Nutrition are a little surprised by just how well our C8 MCT Oil Powder works when we mix it into our smoothies and shakes.

There’s simply no way to describe the feeling of natural, clean energy it provides.

That’s why we’re prepared to put our money where our mouths are, so you can try it for yourself…

Many studies show the effectiveness of MCTs. But here’s the crucial point…

Our C8 MCT is special because research shows that caprylic acid (C8) is three times as effective at increasing ketones as are typical MCTs, such as capric acid (C10) and lauric acid (C12).

Caprylic acid’s 8-carbon hydrocarbon chain has a shorter fatty acid profile than C10 and C12.

Our C8 delivers a minimum of 95% pure caprylic acid from MCTs, resulting in the highest production of ketone bodies—400% more ketones than coconut oil and 21% more ketones than regular MCT.

Besides… MCT supplements differ in potency and purity.

MCTs are shown to work, but you can’t be sure you’re gaining the benefits shown in those studies if your MCT oil powder is loaded with fillers, corn starch, and additives.

Our C8 MCT Oil Powder is 100% free of such fillers. And manufactured at a GMP facility in the USA, each batch is lab-tested to ensure potency and ensure there are no heavy metals or other impurities.

The “Feel It or It’s Free” Guarantee

Here’s the deal: we’re so confident that our C8 MCT Oil Powder is the most powerful MCT available that if you don’t actually FEEL the difference in your focus and energy, we INSIST you request a full refund of your purchase price.

No fuzzy promises. No ifs, ands, or buts. No questions asked.

If you do not actually FEEL the difference, then it’s FREE.

No need to even send back the bottle.

So there’s no risk at all.

How can we make this guarantee?

Well, it’s because we know C8 MCT works.

MCTs have been shown to provide energy within minutes. And you get the cognitive benefits because MCTs have been shown to improve brain glucose metabolism by increasing circulating ketone bodies.

Mental Health Daily notes, "In small scale human trials, MCT supplementation boosted cognition in individuals with cognitive impairment and mild forms of Alzheimer's disease after just a single dose.”

And C8 is the most potent MCT around.

But Let’s Not Forget About the Weight Loss Benefits…

Taking MCT Oil has been shown to help people lose weight and burn calories in no fewer than six studies:

Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003 Dec;27(12):1565-71.
Obes Res. 2003 Mar;11(3):395-402.
Am J Clin Nutr. 2008 Mar;87(3):621-6.
Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003 Dec;27(12):1565-71.
Am J Clin Nutr. 1982 Apr;35(4):678-82.
Eur J Clin Nutr. 1996 Mar;50(3):152-8.

Actually these are just a small sample of what you’ll find on the subject.

Best of all, since C8 MCTs are converted into ketones more plentifully and rapidly, C8 MCTs help you stay in ketosis.

That’s why we created our C8 MCT Oil Powder as an essential part of our plant-based keto product line.

Use C8 MCT for…

  • More energy
  • Better focus
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Greater fat loss
  • Reduced appetite

C8 MCT Oil Powder is convenient and tastes great. Easily and smoothly mix it in your shakes, smoothies, coffee, or tea in seconds. Our flavored vanilla or hazelnut is the perfect addition for coffee lovers, as it’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit for a smooth, delicious taste.

And with our most unusual “Feel It or It’s Free” 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk at all.

If you’re looking for the strongest, purest MCT oil powder around, try our C8 MCT today.


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