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Become a Ground-Based.com affiliate and earn commission for your visitors’ purchases on the best-tasting plant-based protein and cutting-edge plant-based performance products!

If you own a website, blog or are you an influencer in the fitness industry, the Ground-Based affiliate program will allow you to earn revenue quickly and easily through your social outlets or even your newsletter. The Ground-Based ecommerce store is the home of the best source of information on nutrition and wellness for all things organic and plant-based. Always Organic…Always GROUND-BASED!

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How does the Ground-Based Affiliate Program work?

It’s a simple process where we give you the tools and you can also request custom designs or banners for your social outlets (Blogs, Websites, Social Media, etc.) Ground-Based Affiliates earn a 10% commission on all sales that are referred to the Ground-Based ecommerce store from a customer link of your choosing. You're paid every time a customer makes a purchase with your affiliate link.


Who Should Sign Up?

If you have a website, blog or you're a social influencer, and you’re interested in plant-based health, nutrition, and optimal fitness, Ground-Based Nutrition is a great fit with your content. It’s FREE to sign up, and it’s quick and easy to join. 

Why Sign Up?

- 10% commission structure

- Average order size: $80

- Free Shipping over $75

- Dedicated Affiliate Manager

- FREE to join!


For questions about out affiliate program, please contact our affiliate program manager at info@groundbased.com