by Charles Weller


Parents are always searching for new creative ways to helping their children to eat more vegetables. Research shows that children are willing to try new foods if exposed to eating plants early in life that is both tasty and looks appetizing. There are several ways you can serve plant-based foods for children to help ignite their interest in reaping the many benefits of plant-based foods.


1.  Serve Vegetables Differently

Mixing up meal presentations doesn’t take much time and can make a significant difference in your children’s wiliness to try plant-based foods. Tired of celery sticks? Prepare a plant-based hot chocolate for those cold winter months, and a healthy sauce option to drizzle over vegetables are some of the few creative ideas.


2.  The Importance of Colors

Studies show that children are naturally drawn to colorful foods, which are not only beneficial for their health but are appetizing to eat. Make eating and drinking plants fun by providing colorful utensils, cups, and straws. Add colorful fruit into a smoothie or chopped bright-colored vegetables into spaghetti sauce.


3.  Incorporate Their Interest

Children who participate in activities that align with their interest will increase their willingness to try different foods. Does your child love animals? It can take less than five seconds to cut kale chocolate chip cookies into animal shapes using cookie cutters.


4.  Food Selection and Preparation

Taking a trip to the grocery store with your children and helping with picking out different vegetables are both important ways to teaching them about the benefits of plants. Giving your children the opportunity to get involved in food preparations such as adding spaghetti sauce or stir cake batter will help them make better food choices for the future.


5.  Support from Other Plant-Based Families

Research plant-based support groups in your local area. There are plenty of support groups online for you to share recipes, attend gatherings, and ask questions.


6.  Prepare Ahead of Time

Have plenty of snacks available and family meals ready to go. Make it easy and accessible for everyone to make healthier choices.


7.  Tips for Dining Out

Eating out on a plant-based diet can be difficult, at first. Plan ahead by making a game out of finding the best plant-based food choices. Look up the menu and whoever finds the most plant-based foods wins.



Charles Weller
Charles Weller