by Charles Weller

The turn of the new year brings many resolutions and intended changes, one of the most popular being weight loss. What’s interesting is that dieting resolutions are often the most easily and frequently broken. It isn’t surprising, in that it is more typical to favor the short term and immediate gratification, rather than long term satisfaction. However, there are some simple things you can do to help you stick to your plan and keep you headed toward success!

1. Sit Down, Take it slow

Try eating your meals seated, slowly and enjoying every bite. Not only will you find a greater appreciation for what you are eating, but you will tend not to overeat. You will also be more likely to stick precisely to your planned regimen, and have a more conscious overview of what you are consuming.

2. Be Accountable…

No other person is as easy to fool, but also as easily convinced to “stick with it” as you are (with some reinforcement of course!). However, it does take some accountability in that you report when you are successful following your plan, as well as when you do not. Journals and diaries are great, but try finding another person that you can email, text or message your success on a daily basis. This is a surefire way to keep you accountable to yourself – you may also inspire someone else in the process!

3. Schedule It

Plan out your regimen in regular intervals. Finding a schedule that works for you daily, and setting a plan of meals and snacks will force you to eat only when it is tie to eat, thereby reducing unplanned or spontaneous eating.

4. Be Consistent

Remind yourself that you are not going to favor the short term, but are working on carrying out a plan for success. Being consistent is the most productive way to achieve and maintain weight or fat loss. Establishing a “habit” of good eating practices is the best way to ensure your plan sticks over the long term.

5. Find A Partner

It’s no fun going it alone. It’s also much easier to give in to temptation and lose focus on your end goal if you feel alone in your endeavor. Try finding a partner that you can share daily success (and slip ups) in order to keep motivated. You will likely find the road to your goal less difficult if you know someone else is sharing your experience. Moreover, you may be a source of inspiration and can likewise be inspired by a good partner, making achieving your goal much more gratifying!

Charles Weller
Charles Weller