by Charles Weller

Kale is a hearty, healthy green and a nutritional powerhouse that has an abundance of health benefits. It has multiple uses and can be prepared in a number of ways that are tasty as well as easy – from soups to salads to smoothies (yes, it’s definitely one of the premiere ingredients in Superfood Protein Smoothie’s “Super Greens Blend”!). As such, kale is truly a superfood by itself;  and included with any plant-based diet, can be a great way to ensure you are giving your body what it needs. Here are several things about kale that you will love to know.

1. Weight Loss

Kale has basically zero fat (one cup of kale has zero fat and only 36 calories!). Moreover, it is packed with 5 grams of fiber per cup to help with digestive health. Kale also includes both sulfur and Vitamin C – both metabolic support agents that help with hydration, metabolism, and digestion. As part of any diet regimen, kale is a great way to minimize your waistline.

2. Disease Prevention and Immune Booster

Kale has a spectrum of concentrated nutrients that can help boost and support immune system health. It includes folic acid, B6, and vitamin K to help support bone health, as well as cardiovascular and heart function. In addition, the iron in kale is more abundant than beef (a key mineral for vegans and vegetarians!), helping to keep your blood oxygenated and boosting overall health.

3. Hair, Skin and Nails

Kale is packed with both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, essential for healthy hair, skin and nail growth. Moreover, kale includes Vitamin A and more antioxidants than most other greens – key ingredients for skin beautification. Indeed, the abundance of antioxidants in kale are important anti-aging and wrinkle reducers, combating free radical damage to the skin.

4. Anti-Inflammatory

As note, kale has a high amount of essential fatty acids. One cup of kale contains approximately 10% of the recommended daily intake of Omega-3. Scientific research indicates that Omega-3 plays a key role in helping combat arthritis, asthma and various autoimmune disorders. In addition, the vitamin C in kale can help alleviate stiffness in joints.

5. Bone and Joint Health

There is no lack of calcium in kale. In fact, kale has more calcium than milk (per calorie),  helping to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Moreover, the vitamin C in kale is also helpful for cartilage growth and joint flexibility, and as noted, the abundant Omega-3 and -6′s help reduce inflammation and stiffness in joints.

As you can see, kale is truly one of nature’s healthy powerhouses. It is a luxurious, leafy green that can be included in your diet in any number of ways. Naturally, Ground-Based Nutrition wanted to capitalize on this natural hero – so it’s included in Superfood Protein Smoothie in a great tasting, easy to use smoothie mix!

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Charles Weller
Charles Weller