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Ground Based Nutrition

Who are we and what do we do?

Ground-Based Nutrition: We provide high-quality nutritional food supplements with 100% plant-based and natural organic ingredients. Our all-natural and organic food supplements will help you achieve optimum health and improve the quality of your life. But before we go through all the details, take a quick look at our products made with no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, dyes or preservatives that will help you boost your energy and improve your health and wellness.

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What is Ground-Based Nutrition?

Ground-Based Nutrition is a family owned business operated out of San Diego.  Charles Weller, Founder and CEO, has lived and worked in San Diego since he started college in the 90's.  He had enjoyed a healthy lifestyle as a fitness fanatic and weightlifter, using whey protein along with his clean diet.  After discovering that whey protein was causing too much inflammation in his body, Charles searched for a healthier alternative.  

Unhappy with the taste of plant-based proteins on the market, he knew there had to be a better way.  It became his mission to create a plant-based protein that had all the branched chain amino acids to build muscle WITHOUT inflammation from dairy or whey.  To further alkalize and supercharge the protein formulation, Charles added a full serving of greens, superfoods, and digestive enzymes. 

Ground Based in Whole Foods with Charles Weller owner

Superfood Protein is a blend of 20 grams of organic plant-based protein with broccoli, kale, spinach, chlorella, spirulina and maca.  It is the cleanest protein you can find with NO sugar, NO artificial ingredients, NO soy, NO dairy, and NO gluten... and it tastes AMAZING!  It’s also Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.  From Charles’ passion, you can now enjoy a healthy lifestyle and supercharge your life with Superfood Protein!

Ground-Based Nutrition Recipes

Ground-Based Nutrition has designed some delicious recipes using Superfood Protein including;

The Muscle Building Diet Smoothie

Green Breakfast Smoothie

Paleo Green Smoothie

Truly Green Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate Banana Green Yogurt Smoothie

Low sugar Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Skinny Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Coconut Water Smoothie

Super Food Protein Pancakes

Perfect Pumpkin Smoothie.

• The Superfood Protein recipes are the easiest and fastest way to get nutrients in your body.

• They will help to achieve your weight loss goals by improving body composition and shedding body fat. 

• The fatty acids in the super food recipes convert the fats into energy that boosts the body metabolism.

• The nutrients of the recipes from berries are known for their strong healing effects.

• They contain naturally occurring vitamins and minerals which are used to support healthy eyesight, balance hormones as well as increase life longevity.

• The chocolate Superfood Protein recipes contain antioxidants that boost body immunity to resist body colds and sicknesses

• They also help boost energy levels through the day when you need it the most.

While the Superfood Protein recipes are great for your body, it's even more amazing in a Blueberry Greek yogurt smoothie.  When paired with vanilla Superfood Protein powder, the berries have a very pleasant taste and color which tastes great.  It is a healthy smoothie that is fantastic and kid-approved.

The Greek yogurt contains no sweeteners and preservatives. It is naturally thick and contains proteins which are good for muscle development. It is also loaded with probiotic bacteria for promoting health.

Blueberry Greek Yogurt SMoothie

How to Serve

Grind the whole mix of the recipe using a blender until all the frozen blueberries are properly mixed. Add half a cup of unsweetened almond milk then you’ll get a creamy berry smoothie full of proteins and antioxidants ready to drink.

Muscle building Diet Smoothie


• Half cup of water and a half cup of ice

• 1 cup of gluten-free oats

• Two tablespoon peanut butter

• One organic banana

Whereas building muscle takes exercise, don't forget they need plenty of fuel in the form of healthy calories. You cannot create muscles out of nothing. Therefore, it requires you to have a diet with sufficient calories. It's smart to have a low cholesterol diet plan that is essential to a muscle building.

Paleo Green Smoothie Recipe

How to Serve

Blend all the ingredients of the recipe using a high-speed blender until all the ingredients are incorporated.

The Paleo Green Smoothie Ingredients

• Pasteurized egg whites

• Half cup of frozen kale

• Half cup of frozen spinach

• Pure Vanilla Superfood Protein

This recipe is a sugar-free, high fiber and protein paleo green diet plan. The soluble fiber promotes the movement of material through the digestive system of your body while at the same time increasing the stool bulk. This is essential for people who usually struggle with constipation and irregular stools.

Taking enough soluble fiber which is found in the paleo green smoothie recipe lowers cholesterol. The fiber binds with the bad cholesterol and prevents it from being absorbed and clogging the arteries. Studies have also shown that fiber in the diet also lowers the risk of stroke. So taking a few grams of fiber per day is essential in regulating the possibility of getting strokes.

The Paleo Green smoothie is also a great recipe for gallstone and kidney stone prevention because of its soluble high fiber content. Fiber prevents large amounts of insulin from entering the blood stream during digestion which is the major contributor of gallstones in the kidney

Final word

Having a great diet that will positively impact the wellness of your health is all about knowing what you need in your diet. It is extremely important to include super foods into your mix that will give you the nutrients you require for both the perfect combination of the taste and health as well as the wellness of your healthy - Which is why you need the  coupon code for $10 OFF for all your super food recipe needs.

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