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The entire funnel was designed for the Clickbank marketplace, targetting common pain points used in many top performing VSL’s.

Do you want to know the best news?

It actually WORKS!

Beetroot juice has been proven to help increase circulation, lower blood pressure and reduce the strain on the cardiovascular system.

Take a look at this sample from the sales page…

Why Scientist Love this Natural Ingredient...

Scientists have recently discovered just how powerful beets are for healthy heart function. In a recent peer reviewed scientific study in 2017, a team of researchers set out to see if beets could help support heart health as we age.

The results were simply incredible…

...the regular consumption of beetroot juice could be a key component of lifestyle interventions to preserve cardiovascular health with advancing age.

Another study in the UK found that regularly consuming beets could reduce heart attacks and strokes by around 10%!

Sustain Your Brain as You Age

The power of this superfood also extends well beyond just benefiting our cardiovascular health. A groundbreaking study, published in the extremely well respected ‘The Journals of Gerontology’, revealed that simple exercise combined with the ingestion of beets had a profound impact on the brain in the elderly.

....resulted in brain connectivity that closely resembles what you see in younger adults

The Journals of Gerontology: 1 September 2017, Pages 1284–1289

Two MASSIVE areas that concern key Clickbank demographics, heart and Alzheimer's disease. We have scientific proof AND raving customers that can attest to the power of this product.

All of this backed by real and cutting-edge research. This opens up so many different traffic avenues to chose from because it’s a real physical product.

Sick of ethically questionable products to promote? You can feel good about promoting this product as it actually helps people.

So how is the funnel structured?

Funnel Structured

Earn 50%+ on an actual quality physical product. We have done everything we can do maximize as much value for our affiliates while still trying to keep the price point as affordable as possible (to increase conversion rates of course). If you can prove volume first and would want access to our continuity on the backend, just reach out to us!

Also, any high volume affiliates can even earn MORE… If you are making consistent sales, please reach out to us with your name and Clickbank ID and we’ll offer you commission bump.

You can also expect some of the lowest refunds in the industry, as our existing customer base gets tremendous value out of the product.



Superfood Protein:

Superfood Protein

Our Digestive Enzymes With Probiotics:

Our Digestive Enzymes With Probiotics

Where Are The Swipes?

Well, I am glad you asked! We will be continually updating this swipe file going into 2019. Simply load them up into your email program, click send and watch in awe at your EPC!

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What Are The Rules?

These are simple and very common in our industry, but in case you need a reminder;

  • No brand bidding whatsoever.
  • Any review must explicitly make clear that you are in no way affiliated with Ground-Based Nutrition. Putting it simply, you can’t pretend to use our name or brand… Any review site must clearly state that this is a review, on behalf of a third party. You cannot pretend to represent our company in any way.
  • Similar to above, any pre-lander must also clearly state that it’s a review on behalf of a third party. It cannot pretend to speak on behalf of Ground-Based nutrition.
  • Any PPC direct linking from any major social network (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) must be approved beforehand. All creatives need to be approved before use.
  • No launch jacking.
  • No cloaking or blackhat practices.
  • All referrer traffic from third-party websites, must not hide it’s originating domain name and page.

If you break any of the above rules you will be banned and risk not getting your affiliate commissions paid out. We do follow major spy tools and analyze our incoming traffic, so we know what to look for!

Who Can I Reach Out To?

Feel free to reach out to support@ground-based.com for any information relating to the product.

Contact Matt Potts on Skype, our affiliate manager for anything related to Clickbank and marketing;


Thank You!

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with each other. Our launch has just started so make sure you watch out for any emails from us regarding prizes, contests, new products/funnels and anything we can do to make YOU as much money as possible.