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A New Year…A New You

by Charles Weller August 18, 2014

A New Year…A New You

With the coming new year, it is a perfect time to take a look back at your last twelve months accomplishments. Taking stock at your many endeavors and successes, as well as shortcomings is a great way to see how far you’ve come this past year. What’s even better is looking ahead to what lies in the next year as well – to see how you can generate some positivity, and move yourself closer to those long terms goals that you may have in the back of your mind (yes, we all have them!).

Here are a few quick things that will get you geared up and ready to tackle 2014!

Clean Up Inside

Regardless of your dietary regimen or status, the new year is a great time to wipe away and clean out some of those metabolic cobwebs and get your diet in high gear. Adding a morning smoothie, having some extra veggies for snacks (instead of those holiday treats!), or simply boosting your daily water intake are simple and easy ways to add some “new year” health. You don’t have to overhaul your entire diet to get started with a great new year.

Pay It Forward

Believe it or not, one of the best things you can do to inspire yourself is to help someone else. Sending a note to a distant friend, leaving a healthy treat unexpectedly on a coworkers desk, or simply sharing a smile with a stranger can do wonders for your mental, as well as physical health. Not only will it make someone else feel good, but spreading some good energy is a great stress reducer and may even come back to you unexpectedly!

Be A Kid

It is always good to remember that we are all kids inside in some way. A great way to release some stress, as well as create optimism is do something that you enjoy but wouldn’t normally go out of your way to do. For example, having a picnic, an unplanned stop at a beach, park, or even a visit to a local attraction or movie is a good way to keep things fresh and fun. To add some extra “healthiness” to your new year, try adding an impromptu (or planned) hike, walk or jog somewhere new. Novelty and new things can do wonders to keep you inspired and elevate your mood.

Keep Good Company

Spending time with friends, relatives and enjoying your day with good company is an integral part of staying positive, elevating your mood and having a great outlook as you move into the new year. Friends & family members are great resources for support, stress reduction and plain simple fun. So make you aren’t an island this year, and share some great company.

Spoil Yourself

As we move into the new year, it is easy to focus on what your are “not” going to do or have, or what limits you will be setting on yourself. But don’t forget to treat yourself to some quality “you” time. You don’t have to invest in an expensive spa day to give yourself a little extra attention. Spoiling yourself with an extra hour of sleep or nap (if you can afford it), buying a new toy or piece of clothing, or just allowing yourself to enjoy a new book or movie is a good way to start the new year – making sure your focus is on a new you!

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